Simply Wall St will be available in closed beta shortly.

We provide a completely new way to invest in the stock market, we make it easy, understandable and enjoyable. We do this by visualising companies. Sign up for early access:

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New to share investing?

Simply Wall St. is a mobile application which makes investing in the stock market as easy as 1-2-3.

No prior knowledge required

You still make the decisions, but we assume no prior knowledge of investing.

No complex charts and data

We prefer simple graphics to charts and numbers.

Personalized for you

We help you come up with an investment strategy which suits your financial situation and risk appetite.

How does it work?

We cover the whole process of making an investment, from start to finish.

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Our "snowflake" explained

A quick video to help you understand the snowflake.

The Simply Wall St "snowflake" is generated from 30 different checks in 5 areas. Every listed company in the world has a snowflake, which changes over time.

The team

Al Bentley

Founder/ CEO

Nick van den Berg

Co-founder/ COO
User feedback
Business Development

Val Sabulis

Investing and finance guru

Development Team

Jabin Bastian
Karl Nelson
Justin Juntang

Kevin Chen



Simply Wall St is supported by AWI Ventures.

The app does not require a stock broker to work. Once we find a suitable partner the intention is to integrate the normal functions of an online broker into the app, such as buying, selling and checking your portfolio.
In the current version to actually make a trade you will need to use your own stock broker, there are many available online.

The app is free to use, however a subscrption will be required for depending on usage level.
In-app purchases are used to access premium features, such as additional stock recommedations or screening rules.

We are looking for PHP developers to join our team. Please get in touch.

The next version will be a web app and compatible with all devices.

Simply Wall St

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