Discover the new visual way to invest, for free.

We provide a completely new way to invest in the stock market, we make it easy, understandable and enjoyable.
We do this by visualising companies.

New to share investing?

Simply Wall St. is a web application which makes investing in the stock market as easy as 1-2-3.

No prior knowledge required

You still make the decisions, but we assume no prior knowledge of investing.

No complex charts and data

We prefer simple graphics to charts and numbers.

Personalized for you

We help you come up with an investment strategy which suits your financial situation and risk appetite.

How does it work?

We cover the whole process of making an investment, from start to finish.

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Our "snowflake" explained

A quick video to help you understand the snowflake.

The Simply Wall St "snowflake" is generated from 30 different checks in 5 areas. Every listed company in the world has a snowflake, which changes over time.

The team

Al Bentley

Founder/ CEO

Nick van den Berg

Co-founder/ COO
User feedback
Business Development

Val Sabulis

Investing and finance guru

Development Team

Jabin Bastian
Karl Nelson
Justin Juntang

Kevin Chen



Simply Wall St is supported by AWI Ventures.

The app doesn’t currently offer this feature, however will be available in the future. In the mean time we suggest you use a reputable online service or broker.

If it is listed on the main exchanges of US, UK or Australia it should be there. We don’t cover alternative exchanges in these countries. If you think the company is missing please let us know: .

We help you find high quality, undervalued, growth or income paying companies with the strategy of buying and holding those investments over the long term.

It has been consistently shown that while short term stock prices are often influenced by emotion or other temporary events, over the long term prices of high quality, undervalued companies will return to their fair value.

Our data is provided by Capital IQ, which is a subsidiary of Standard and Poors. They provide data on over 80,000 companies around the world and are leaders in the data field.

The app updates as new information is provided by our data provider Capital IQ. Pricing is based off the daily close of business price. This is appropriate as this is designed as a long-term investment tool and not a day trading tool. In the case of financial data we always use the latest quarterly results.

Due to the nature of the fundamental analysis used in the app, the resulting shape of the snowflake does not change as a result of minor share price movement.

No, we do not provide recommendations in whether you should buy, hold or sell a share.

Our Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) is 282288 [as a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) of Intelligent Investor].

The Simply Wall St app already provides access to companies listed in Australia, the US and the UK. We continually investigate when it will be appropriate to launch in other markets.

Whilst in Beta the app will remain completely free to use regardless of usage level, following this a free version will always be available.

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